Home Security

Do you consider you home to be safe? Your home is probably the safest place where you spend your time, but your home is still a dangerous place, even if it were bulletproof- yes, that’s a thing. Anyways, your home is probably a safe place, but there are always risks. It is imperative to have…

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Why be an Unattractive Target?

Urban Awareness & Self-Defense

Why do you want be an unattractive target? Criminals try to avoid victims that are going to put up a fight or make their endeavor more difficult. Just like in the wild, a predator will seek out the easiest prey. The best preventative measure you can take is being aware of your surroundings. This means…

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Mental Preparation

Most of the time, we would rather not think about a crisis, until it is presently happening to us. This forces us into a reactive state of mind where we are the least efficient at solving problems and we are the most vulnerable, as action is faster than reaction. The mind is a powerful tool.…

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Levels of Awareness

The three levels of awareness are low, moderate, and high. Low level of awareness– you are somewhere that you know well and feel safe in, such as your own, well-secured home, whether you are by yourself or with others you trust and feel safe with. Moderate level of awareness– you are in a public area…

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Purse, Wallet, Backpack & Briefcase Safety

Range Bag

Purses, wallets, & backpacks are known, popular targets, and an unwatched bag is a dream to a thief. Your purse, backpack, or briefcase usually contain your phone, your keys, & your wallet which houses your credit/debit cards, cash & your Driver’s License- you address is listed here. If your belongings are stolen, the criminal has…

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How Do I Stay Safe While Walking?

Walking is a beneficial activity, and sometimes you don’t have any other option but to walk. Taking precautions is a must when walking in your neighborhood, to the store, or even just across a parking lot, but the number 1 rule is to ALWAYS be alert! This is especially true if you find yourself walking…

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Children and Gun Safety

Gun Safety- Gun Safe

Would your child know what to do if they came across a firearm? While American citizens are afforded the inalienable right to own firearms, a right that citizens of MANY other countries are deprived of, that right also comes with the responsibility of practicing firearm safety. Children of all ages are usually very curious, impulsive,…

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Be aware!

“This is always good advice….. International tensions are high right now. Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US. That means that although you may have no intention of being involved, someone else may make that choice for you. Things to remember at times like these:…

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How Can I Make My Holiday Safer?

The holidays are about being thankful and joyous and sharing that with others. BUT….. the holidays are also the criminals’ busy season! Most thieves are criminals of opportunity and look for easy targets. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season distract you from practicing personal safety and security!Here are a few safety tips to help you make…

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