Defensive Pistol Shooting 2

Have you developed a defensive mindset?


We are working hard to accommodate social distancing and enact safety protocols during these unfamiliar times, therefore our classes will be held on a private basis that fits your schedule, and the classes will be held outside.

Did you know, in a stressful situation your abilities are automatically cut in half? Shooting at the range and shooting during a stressful, defensive situation are two completely different circumstances, and continuous training is extremely important in surviving a tense shooting situation. The Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class is designed for current Concealed Carry permit holders and is a continuation of our Defensive Pistol Shooting 1 class. During the Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class, we will continue building upon the foundational knowledge and further advance the skill-sets practiced in the Defensive Pistol Shooting 1 class.

Moving forward from what we've learned in Defensive Pistol Shooting 1, the Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class is designed around the safe and effective use of a concealed, semi-automatic pistol for self-defense while away from home, and expands upon the fundamental tactics for defensive pistol shooting under stressful conditions. Students must present the proper attitude and responsibility towards safety and the use of their firearm at all times.

The Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class is not a beginner class, and does require firearm experience, therefore, taking our Defensive Pistol Shooting 1 class is a prerequisite to taking the Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class.

Topics covered in this Defensive Pistol Shooting class include:

  • A review of the rules of firearm safety and proper handling
  • Mentally preparing for stressful situations- fight or flight instead of freeze
  • Preparing for the worst case scenario
  • Responding to a criminal confrontation, as well as defensive use of a handgun
  • Firearm presentation from concealment, including from under a shirt or jacket
  • Reviewing effective trigger reset
  • Loading and unloading your firearm
  • Balancing both speed and precision
  • Tactical reloads VS emergency reloads
  • Clearing firearm malfunctions
  • Defensive shooting techniques
  • Defensive shooting positions
  • Cover VS concealment
  • Shooting from cover
  • Shooting while moving
  • Engaging multiple threats
  • Dominant and non-dominant hand shooting
  • One-handed, dominant and non-dominant shooting
  • How to communicate with 911 as well as responding emergency personnel

The gear we recommend for the Defensive Shooting 1 Class is:

  • a serviceable, semi-automatic handgun
  • At least 2 spare magazines
  • A good quality holster with proper retention- NO shoulder holsters, please
  • A proper belt to support your holster
  • Magazine holster
  • Britches with belt loops... to support your holster
  • 300 rounds of Ammunition
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye protection

We also recommend that you:

  • Bring Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Bring water, a lunch and snacks
  • Wear clothing suitable for Florida weather
  • Don’t wear low-cut shirts
  • Wear closed-toed shoes

Our Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class sizes are limited so that we can insure you receive individual and personalized instruction and guidance throughout your defensive pistol shooting training. At the end of your Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class, you can schedule with your instructor to return to the classroom or range, if you wish to continue building your confidence and better your marksmanship skills.

The Defensive Pistol Shooting 2 class is approximately hours long and the cost is $250. This class can be separated into two consecutive 4 hour days.

Our Classes are held at the Ascot Shooting Club in East Palatka, Putnam County, Florida. Preregistration is required.

We are not offering any classes at this time. Sorry for any inconveniences!

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