The Unattractive Victim

Situational awareness is the MOST important preventative measure that you can take to avoid becoming a victim.


We are working hard to accommodate social distancing and enact safety protocols during these unfamiliar times, therefore our classes will be held on a private basis that fits your schedule, and the classes will be held outside. 

Don't be a statistic! It's time to develop your situational awareness mindset!

We are seeing an increase in violence, as well as law enforcement being challenged like never before. Predators usually look for the easiest target, therefore if you can make yourself more difficult to prey upon by practicing situational awareness, you can lessen your chances of a criminal attack. During The Unattractive Victim class, participants will learn common weaknesses that criminals look for when choosing a victim, along with ways to respond to a confrontation that will reduce you risk of being harmed. We will discuss practical, situational awareness strategies that you can integrate into your everyday life that will make you an unattractive victim to criminals. The Unattractive Victim class is a situational awareness class. It is not a firearms class, and does not teach physical self-defense.

The Unattractive Victim will cover topics such as:

  • Different ways for staying safe while:
    • At home
    • Online
    • Over the phone
    • In public places
    • In your car
    • In a parking lot
  • Home Defense:
    • Alarms
    • Security lighting
    • Double-cylinder deadbolts
    • Wide angle door viewer
  • Personal Protection devices:
    • Whistle
    • Pepper spray
    • Stun gun
    • Keys & Self-defense keychains
  • Mental preparation- this fosters a fight or flight response over a freeze response
  • The thought process of criminals
  • Home invasions & burglaries
  • Setting up a safe room in your home
  • Developing assertiveness & maintaining your personal space
  • Phone & cyber scams
  • Carjacking prevention & automobile safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Travel security
  • Crimes of opportunity
  • Urban dangers
  • Children's safety

Action is faster than reaction, learn how to effectively think like a criminal in order to avoid becoming their next victim. If you can identify potentially dangerous situations, you can better avoid them. The Unattractive Victim class will address a variety of common scenarios that are encountered on a daily basis, and how to avoid them by practicing situational awareness.

The Unattractive Victim class is approximately 3 hours long and cost $25. 

The Unattractive Victim is NOT a firearms instruction class and does NOT include instruction on physical self-defense.

We are not offering any classes at this time. Sorry for any inconveniences!

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