Purse, Wallet, Backpack & Briefcase Safety

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Purses, wallets, & backpacks are known, popular targets, and an unwatched bag is a dream to a thief. Your purse, backpack, or briefcase usually contain your phone, your keys, & your wallet which houses your credit/debit cards, cash & your Driver’s License- you address is listed here. If your belongings are stolen, the criminal has access to a lot of personal information, as well as expensive objects, especially if they have your address and your keys. Don’t let yourself be the victim of a thief, follow the steps below to help keep your belongings safe and to help prevent the occurrence of a theft.

  • Inventory what you carry everyday and see what is actually necessary for you to carry.
    • Never leave your Social Security card in your wallet. This could lead to your identity being stolen.
  • Make a photocopy of everything you carry in your wallet, and keep the copies stored in a safe place.
    • Let a close relative or friend know where it’s hidden in case you need them to have access it.
  • When out & about, don’t hang your belongings on the back of your chair or put them on the floor.
    • This makes it easy for a criminal to walk by and take it without you realizing it has happened or being able to react.
  • When you’re carrying a purse, carry it in front of you, held close to your body.
    • When you carry your purse hanging by your side, a thief can easily run up and grab it.
    • When you carry a cross-body purses, not only is it more attached to your body if someone tries to grab it, but some thieves just cut the strap and run off.
  • Consider carrying a decoy wallet, or decoy cash- a few $1’s folded/rolled inside of a larger bill.
  • If a criminal confronts you and asks you for your belongings, how would you respond to their demands?
    • It’s important to decide this in advance to ensure that your response is automatic- this determines whether you will comply fight, run, or just freeze?
  • When a mugger confronts their target, most of the time they’re more interested in getting the cash and valuables.
    • Never just hand them your belongings!
      • Toss your purse, wallet, decoy wallet/cash roll, etc. several feet away from you.
      • Dump the contents of your purse out on the ground and toss the purse away.
        • Both of these actions will most likely send the assailant scrambling after the money/valuables which allows you a better chance of escaping.
  • A preventative measure you can take is to carry an:

These are good habits to form to keep your belongings safe & to prevent yourself from being a victim.

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