Be aware!

“This is always good advice…..

International tensions are high right now. Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US.

That means that although you may have no intention of being involved, someone else may make that choice for you.

Things to remember at times like these: -Keep your heads up and out of your phones while you’re in public.

-Pay attention to your surroundings and make mental note of the locations of the nearest exits.

-Have no less than half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.

-Make sure your phone is charged when going out.

-For those willing and able to, carry your gun. Carry it concealed. Carry additional magazines.

-Have a small medical kit handy. Tourniquet, bandages, etc. A quick YouTube search will have you set up cheaply and quickly.

-Have a flashlight on you. Have a spare in your vehicle. In case of an attack in an enclosed building, lights going out causes confusion, makes you lose track of the people with you, and can make a bad situation 10x worse. A simple, reliable flashlight can help alleviate these issues.

-Always carry a sturdy, lockable knife. It has many more uses than cutting cheesecake.

-Avoid stupid places, with stupid people, doing stupid things. This applies to anytime, not just during times of heightened security.

-Trust your instincts. If your spidey-senses are tingly while you are out, then that is your body sensing danger of some type. Listen to that few hundred thousand years of human evolution telling you that something nearby wants to hurt you and your family, and go be somewhere else.

-If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.

-Don’t let someone else’s Selective Ignorance deter you from being Properly Prepared to Provide Protection to your People.

I say these reminders not to scare the friends and family that read this, but to make sure they are aware of the clear and present dangers that exist right here and now.

Bad people are intent on doing bad things to Americans. They do not care if you have kids, they don’t care how you vote, and they don’t care what church you attend. They care that you are an American, and they want to hurt as many Americans as possible.

They are not going to only target military bases stateside. They will go after and attack civilians. They will attack women and children specifically. This is what they do. This is why they are called “terrorists”. Their goal is to create enough fear that others voluntarily bend to their will. Know that up front and don’t sugar-coat that fact.

Our country has been dealing with this issue for two decades, and honestly we as a society have become lax recently to the possibility of attacks specifically from terrorists. Most of us have been more worried about the mentally unstable school-shooter-types that have filled the news these past couple of years. That has seemed the more plausible and likely threat.

That is no longer the case.

Enemies are actively planning to hurt Americans, on American soil.

Act accordingly.”

-source unknown


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