Do I Need a Gun?

Not only can it sometimes be a serious and a complicated decision, it can also be an overwhelming feeling, but this is a question only you can answer.
Motivations for gun ownership are diverse in all of us, but let’s discuss some of the reasons why people own firearms:

  • Home defense- Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
  • Self defense- Do you feel safe in the areas you generally frequent?
  • Protect your loved ones- Do you have children or a significant other that you care about and want to protect?
  • Recreation- “plinkin” or target practice has been a family pass time for MANY years and it is also a great stress relief!
  • Collections- Firearms have been used as heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, and some folks have collections of firearms just because they liked or needed them.
  • Liberty- Firearms help ensure our freedom from a tyrannical government. Don’t think it can happen? Name one aspect of you life that isn’t regulated at this point.

Now, let’s discuss some reasons why you shouldn’t own a firearm:

  • Is there excessive alcohol consumption in you home or in you life style?
  • Is there a felon living in your home that would have access to you firearm?
  • Are there disturbed or troubled teens or kids that could gain access to your firearm?
  • Is there a suicidal person in your home?
  • Is there domestic violence in your home?

If any of the situations here apply to you, I would recommend finding a less lethal option for the time being, such as pepper spray or a stun gun.

Firearms have been used for centuries for self-defense and for hunting. Also, marksmanship is an internationally recognized Olympic sport. Most critics don’t understand the gun culture of America, but there is an undeniable empowerment when you realize that you are in control of, and that you can master such a formidable tool. A firearm can act as an equalizer in an unfair fight and can immediately stop a threat, therefore making you less dependent on others for your personal security and your survival.

Consider your typical daily activities and routine, as well as where you live and spend most of your time. If you heard a “bump” in the night, how would you respond? Would you be able to protect yourself until responding law enforcement arrived?

Cities that impose stringent gun controls also have the highest assault and murder rates in America, and the further you live away from city center, the more the limits of law enforcement being able to help you grows. Would you rather be a potential victim or would you rather be able to defend youself?  Unfortunately, we live in a world where self-preservation and anticipating the worst case scenario are a daily neccessity, but having a gun might buy you some time until the police are able to get to you and offer assistance.

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility. Consider where and how you will store it so that it’s inaccessible to unauthorized users. When gun owners act responsibly, firearms are safe to have in the home. If you’re ever in the position of protecting someone else’s life or if your life depended on it, would you be able to pull the trigger with the intention of taking another person’s life?

Fortunately for the citizens of the United States, the forefathers made sure to incorporate and secure our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones as a natural born right. Gun ownership is not a deranged, odd thing as some anti-gun advocates would have you believe. In fact, Jesus is quoted saying, “and he that hath no sword , let him sell his garment and buy one”  (Luke 22:36).

In conclusion, the police are not constantly watching to make sure you are not in any danger. People without guns are assaulted and/or murdered everyday by criminals who have guns. It’s only logical to conclude that you need a Gun if you’re surrounded by criminals with guns.

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